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When choosing PARS GPS we would not only supply you from our most advanced self developed h/w and s/w solutions desinged by STARCOM SYSTEMS, but also offer you the possibility to choose from a variety of complementary accessories to get your job done most effectively. All accessories selected here are from renowned distinctive manufacturers stated to fully comply with the most rigorous automotive requirements and tested by us for optimal integration and functionality with PARS GPS applications.
Hands Free Kit

The Hands-free kit enables a Voice Call between the Driver and the Control room. Used for both fleet management purposes, or for personal security (in case of kidnapping, for example, the control room can connect to the kit and hear what happens inside the vehicle).
Key Pad

The Remote Control is the part of the fleet management system used to Arm/ Disarm the unit as well as to Lock/ Unlock the vehicle. In case of an unauthorized drivers can also disable the ignition.

The i-Button is used as part of the Helios AVL system in order to disarm the unit and set it to Garage mode. As part of the driver's identification process, can also block the engine starter for not authorized drivers.
Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor is a factory-fitted device with a filter connected to a shielded cable. The filter reduces environmental noise and measures temperature in the range of -20°C to +40°C
Fuel Sensor 

For fleet management and telematics applications in general. Intended for Telematics and monitoring the motor vehicles, heavy equipment, gensets, construction machines, railway and so on.
Garmin Interface 

The Helios unit can be connected to any Garmin vehicle product to enable text messages be sent to the Online Web application.
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