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Pars GPS system provides a perfect solution to a wide variety of applications and market segments. A partial list includes:

Pars GPS Online (Fleet management)
Pars GPS offers cost effective solutions and support to allow "hands-on control" to enhance fleet operations. An investment in our system will provide a tangible return by improving efficiency and productivity, which will result in improved customer service and increased profits.

Vehicle protection

Vehicle thefts cost insurance agencies and car owners billions of dollars in damages each year. The Starcom System is specifically designed to detect and minimize losses due to criminal activities. The system is designed to report events automatically and in real-time, for quick response.

Driver protection
The control center focus is to support the client 24/7, by responding in a timely, responsible and professional manner for a routine or emergency situations: kidnapping situations, accident events, and more. All the operators are following the established procedures and act in the best interest and well being of each client while keeping the client's Right to Privacy.

Mobile Phone Activation
The system is synchronized between the hardware, the software and the client's mobile phone, to enable the client to send commands to his vehicle, receives his vehicle location and statuses and receives any required alert from the vehicle in friendly and easy to use application.

Palm and Internet Options
Our System puts the control at the client's fingertips and makes connection with the internet and handheld navigation available via the Starcom hardware.

External Systems Connection
OurSystem is connected to a variety of products from seals of oil tankers protection through RF-ID readers for containers shipped overseas.

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