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The Pars GPS Control Center application has a multilanguage interface for the local licensee of the Starcom System for individual clients, and focuses on safety and security. This module handles a number of essential tasks:

Emergency calls: Such as theft, emergency button, and accident, while taking into account the vehicle location and emergency services in place.

Procedures support: Matching the software to the local procedures according to the event type and the individual client's requests, enables quick response for emergency situations.

Database management: Building and maintaining of databases that includes: clients, installers, personnel, and more. The software has the ability to sort the databases and information by subject and filters.

Replay from databases: The replay can be viewed on a map along with the vehicle status, or on the reports that shows the trip and driver's details.

Information management: Easy and friendly presentation of the information for quick initial response. Ordering by priorities defined by the client, sending the information to another division in the organization, receiving the vehicle's sensors and visual display of any information from the vehicle.

Reports: Producing reports based on the system information with a wide variety of filters, such as: Financial reports, marketing reports, technical reports, and more. The software has the flexibility of creating new reports.

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