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PARS GPS is proud to present a revolution of portable vehicale navigation systems which is Called SATONICA.
Now you can find your way around the city not only while driving but while walking or cycling too. SATONICA comes with a stand and glass mounting, to be placed inside any vehicle or to be carried around in your pocket for easy navigation and better route planning. SATONICA designed with the latest hardware configuration to ensure a smooth navigation experience and a powerful GPS module to locate your position even in the most crowded places.

SATONICA Key Features:
Updated Maps 
Never worry about out-of-date maps.Download the latest map information from website.
Call a Point of interest
like hotel or restaurant ahead to make your reservation.

Traffic Camera Alerts 
 audible and visual warnings of speed cameras along your route.
Direct Street Search
means no need to remember names of cities or suburbs to find a destination.
3D Acceleration
guarantees smooth map movement in challenging 3D environment.

Junction View
 signs and arrows guide you to the correct lane to make driving safer and less stressful
GPS Coordinates Address
to navigate you even where the streets have no names.

Navigation Instructions
also when app is in the background.

Speed Limit Warnings
Manage your speed along your route with optional settings for visual and audible alerts.
Multi-touch Display Support
for comfortable and intuitive use.

Quick Search
accessible from the map
 type the first few letters of your target address,instantly auto-fills and provides search choices.
Points of Interest
in comprehensive categories for easier search.

Color Schemes
adjustable automatically or manually for day and night use.
Compass Direction Detection
helps you get your bearing whether in town or countryside.

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