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Software marks the business direction and core activity in the Pars GPS applications.
The advanced programming techniques and system analysis enable the development and interface into a wide variety of customer-friendly applications. The software is user-friendly, easy and convenient to operate and maintain. It arrives with paper manual, online help, and backed by working procedures.

The Pars GPS includes four main modules:

Pars GPS Online (Fleet Management over web)
The Pars GPS Online module offers organizational control over its vehicle fleet and personnel, and makes fleet operation more productive and cost effective. The entire operation can be done easily from anywhere at any time through the World Wide Web.

Control Center Module
This Pars GPS Control Center monitoring module package focuses on administrative information, safety and security applications operating 24/7.

Router Module
The Routing module receives messages from various networks at the same time and distributes them to the all the security centers, fleet stations, and installers, based on predefined parameters. The software connects to the various cellular operators using the Internet and has a built-in support for SMPP connections.

Installer Module
The Installer module ensures correct installation by means of automatic testing for installation control. It assists the installer with installation data and receives client and vehicle information.

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