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The Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking GPS Solution for Dry and Refrigerated (Reefers) Containers – So that the most reliable and efficient delivery, from origin to destination is made possible!

The Tetis R container tracking system provides ongoing monitoring of your container through all stations and checkpoints on its journey from the factory to the customer. Whether dry storage or reefer, land or sea, the container tracking system will watch over your goods as it moves from one location to another, regardless of distance or transportation method.

Tetis R incorporates the function of multiple technologies in a single unit. With its embedded GPS technology and cellular communication abilities, the device has been cleverly designed to provide precise information regarding the location, condition and temperature of your container in Real-Time and is based on the settings and scheduling defined by the user.

Especially beneficial for refrigerated containers (Reefers), carrying frozen or chilled cargo, Tetis R integrates a highly sensitive temperature sensor for monitoring the environmental temperature conditions with an accuracy up to ±0.2°C.

For special handling cargo, such as medical syringes or hazardous substances the built-in accelerometer keeps you informed about changes in movement or events of impact, ensuring safe delivery of your cargo.

In addition to Real-Time data, the Tetis R container tracking system will also record accurate measurements of temperature, humidity and light at any desired time interval (e.g. once a day, every half hour or every 10 min), which is stored and transmitted by text message or by email.

While it allows you, the supplier, to know when your freight has reached your customer, it will provide the buyer with a report of stored events that describe the conditions it experienced during its voyage, allowing both supplier and buyer to monitor, track and view its route on a map – All from the comfort of a computer or mobile device.

Tetis R’s state-of-the-art features will trigger alerts to notify of any unauthorized door openings or break-ins, deviations from predefined settings and anomalies in temperature, so that all persons directly involved or interested in the shipment are informed of any changes or problems indicating that their attention is warranted.

The monitoring and tracking device is available in two different models to perfectly meet different usage requirements:
Tetis R; the Dry and Refrigerated (Reefers) Container Tracking System
Tetis; the Dry Container Tracking System

 Key Features:

A standalone unit - operated by rechargeable batteries
Fast and easy installation - by attaching the unit to the container door frame with a magnet.
A flexible system - that can be fully configured to meet customer requirements, with regards to information, times and significant events in real time:

  • Examples of real time alerts include: door open/closed, temperature high/low, humidity high/low, light on/off, battery charge level, location status and any combination of these.
  • The system can also be configured to automatically transmit an audit trail, which gives a complete history of all the stored events including deviations beyond configured ranges, or choose specific information details at specific locations/time frames, in addition to receiving alert notifications in real time.

The audit trail feature - allows for tracking the entire journey on a map and includes a detailed report of all the recordings. Data cross-referencing has been made possible, so that one can easily switch between the data presented on the map and report if needed.
Geo-fencing function - raises notifications when a container has entered or left a location.
The built-in accelerometer - keeps you informed about changes in movement or events of impact.
Built in memory - when the unit is out of coverage, all location and sensor information is saved to the memory and later transmitted once the unit is back in cellular coverage.
Secured information – A convenient option for forwarding information to authorized persons only.
Server base technologies - A web based system requiring a simple and easy installation process, allowing you to view reports and data saved on the servers.
A global system - developed for multi-lingual users.

By offering a real-time visualization of your container as it transits from origin to destination, Tetis R can help to better manage those unforeseen supply chain disruptions along the way and ultimately ensure that your container is delivered on time and in the conditions anticipated by your customers. By being able to prevent any further delays or damage, you can inhibit any possible loss of merchandise, and ultimately loss of money.

Tetis R is a sophisticated container monitoring and tracking system, whose performance will undoubtedly ensure the optimal distribution of containers and reefers worldwide.

The TETIS was tested and received approvals from the leading labs around the world, including: eMark (E24 10R-020086), TUV-GS, FCC Part 15, UL 60950, CB Certification, CE certification and Vibration and Shock Tests (done in a military lab).


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