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Protecting Vehicles

Pars GPS active protection and control system enables the control center to offer real-time protection against:

Real Time Break-ins
If an intruder breaks into the vehicle, the sensors identify this event and transmit an alarm to the Control Center. The control center calls to the local forces to prevent the intruder from completing the break-in. In addition, the control center can immobilize the vehicle at any time using the command.

Vehicle Towing
Ourunit includes a special algorithm on board to detect a towing using the GPS system. The end-unit can identify a change in the vehicle's location and immediately transmit a "towing message" to the control center.

Stolen Keys
unit requires a secret code to be entered, either by using a special remote control, or a key pad, in order to avoid theft using the original vehicle keys. This code must be entered in order to start the vehicle. If an incorrect code is entered for a couple of times, the Control Center receives a "stolen keys" message and can react accordingly.

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